Baking classes

Bread baking classes are offered at our home near Ringwood, on the Hampshire–Dorset border, or at any other suitable kitchen by arrangement. To ensure that all participants get a hands-on experience, group sizes of up to six people are ideal.

As a certain amount of time is needed for dough to prove, full day sessions are ideal, but flexible timings can be offered to suit your schedule, including half day or evening sessions.

Content can be tailored according to individual requirements, or participants may select from one of the programmes below:

Introductory – focusses on working with the dough, developing the skills needed to effectively mix, knead, and shape various doughs. A variety of breads will be prepared: unleavened flatbreads, soda bread, and various yeasted breads.

Flatbreads – focusses on flatbreads, such as pitta, naan, focaccia, and pizza.

Advanced – focusses on slow bread processes, the use of preferments and sourdough cultures, for bread with outstanding flavour and texture.

All ingredients and equipment are provided, along with refreshments during full day sessions. First time participants will also receive a complimentary copy of the Loafing Around bread book.

For a full day course, prices start at £65 per person for five or more participants, £75 per person for three or four participants, and £85 per person for one or two participants.

For further information or to book a session please use the contact form.

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